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Lot #:296 Title:CHINA-SINKIANG 1907(AH1325) One Tael Silver, Ta Ch'ing Series, Y26.1, Kann 1115, Chang CH163, L&M742(E61), NGC VF20
Estimate(US $):5000-10000 Realized (US $):22800 add to my favorite
CHINA-SINKIANG 1907(AH1325) One Tael Silver, Ta Ch'ing Series, Y26.1, Kann 1115, Chang CH163, L&M742(E61),NGC VF20. This rare and exciting coin is unique among Chinese coins - it is the only Chinese coin to bear the administrative term "tao" (dao). In Ch'ing (Qing) dynasty times, a province was divided into several "fu" or prefectures, each of which was divided into a number of "hsien" (xian) or counties. The "tao" which is translated "circuit" in English, is another division of a province, consisting of one or more prefectures or departments (chou), and is headed by a taotai. When cities are named on Chinese coins, the administrative term for that kind of city is normally omitted. On this coin, we find at the top of the obverse the inscription "K'e Shih Tao" (Keshi dao), which means "Kashgar Circuit." At the time this coin was made (the Muslim Year 1325), the Kashgar circuit consisted of the subprefectures of Yinghesar (Yingeshar) and Marapash, and the departments of Su Le, So Ch'e, and Khotan. However, as H. Chang points out in his book, "Silver Dollars and Taels of China," the use of "tao" on this coin is almost certainly an error for the word "tsao" which appears on many other Kashgar and Sinkiang coins, and looks similar to "tao." The matching 1907 Kashgar 5 Mace coin (Kann 1116) has the word "tsao" following the name Kashgar, which means simply "Made in Kashgar." Interestingly Kann lists and illustrates the Kashgar Tao Tael, but he didn't notice that the word was "tao" and he reads it as "tsao." The Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins repeats this mistake. A fascinating piece and one of the rarest of all Sinkiang coins - only a handful of examples are known to exist. It is priced at US $15,000 in the new Lin Guoming catalog.
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