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Lot #:358 Title:CHINA Duan Zhi Gui Silver Medal, NGC Medal MS64
Estimate(US $):30000-60000 Realized (US $):35400 add to my favorite
CHINA ND Duan Zhi Gui Silver Medal, made by Tientsin Mint, 9.1g, 78% Ag and 22% Cu, CCC 716 Var., NGC Medal MS64. This silver medal (possibly unique) is exquisitely carved. There also exist very few rare Duan Zhi Gui copper medals.

An UNC copper example sold in Chongyuan Jun-14 sale for RMB 276,000 (US $41,818); A NGC MS63BN copper example sold in Stack's Bowers Apr-12 sale for US $29,875

Duan Zhigui(1869-1925), also known as Xiang Yan(from Hefei, Anhui province ), is the cousin of Duan Qi Rui. He once studied in the Beiyang Military School . After completing his education in Japan he came back to China and worked as the instructor of the newly-built Beiyang Military Academy. Then he was transferred as the governor of Heilongjiang. As the adopted son and confidant of Yuan Shikai, Duan Zhigui started to work for Yuan in late Qing and was appointed as the commander of the Military Guard Right Army. Duan Zhigui was very good at flattering and was called Duan Qirui Junior by the public because of his intimate relationship with Duan Qirui. After the foundation of the Republic of China, Duan Zhigui served first as the commander in chief in Beijing and then as the commander in chief of the Gongwei Army(the Guard) and the Dutong(the highest milutary officer) of Chakhar. In 1913, he was nominated as the governor of Jiangxi, the commander of the first army and was bestowed the title of Zhangwu top general. In 1914, Duan Zhigui was tranferred as the governor of Hubei Province and served as the general and governor of Fengtian. Not long after that, Duan Zhigui united other generals of fourteen provinces to support Yuan Shikai as the emperor and thus was knighted as the first class Duke. In 1917 he carried out the task of crusading against Zhangxun and then served as the commander of the capital and the chief of the Army. In 1919, Duan Zhigui was transfered as the garrison commander of the capital. He participated the Zhi-Wan battle(the war between the Zhili warlord and the Anhui warlord ) and was named the front commander in chief of the Anhui army. The Anhui clique lost the war and Duan Zhigui was listed as one of the cuprits of the Anfu clique. In 1925, Duan Zhigui died of illness in Tianjin.

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