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Lot #:094 Title:CHINA-SINKIANG 1874 Tilla Gold, NGC AU55
Estimate(US $):1500-3000 Realized (US $):4720 add to my favorite
CHINA-SINKIANG 1874 (AH1291) Yakub Beg Tilla Gold, K1489a, C-37-2.4, Ex Seaby 3/6/48, NGC AU55. H.F.Bowker East Asia Collection

(?-1877)A feudal chieftain of Uzebek (or Tajik) in Central Asia in mid-19th century, Yakub Beg as the commander in chief of the army of a small kingdom led an army in an invasion into Xinjiang in 1865. He occupied eight Chinese cities in succession in a few years and made himself the khan of a kingdom called Zedeshar. He colluded with the Russian and British rulers then. His regime was toppled by a Qing army led by Tso Tsung-t'ang. After his total defeat, Yakub Beg killed himself in Kurle in 1877.

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