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Lot #:204 Title:CHINA-EMPIRE 1911 One Dollar Silver Pattern, reversed dragon,PCGS SP62
Estimate(US $):90000-120000 Realized (US $): add to my favorite
CHINA-EMPIRE 1911 One Dollar Silver Pattern, With Reversed Dragon, Incused veins on leaves, K225, L&M32, PCGS SP62

In 1911, the last year of Qing Dynasty, Hu Poo tried to unify China's currency and ordered Tientsin Mint to produce several versions of Ta Qing silver dollars, then selected one as sample of the National Dollar. Among which the most obvious difference was the dragon that featured on the reverse, there are Long whisker dragon, Short whisker dragon, Reversed dragon, Large tail dragon and Bent whisker dragon. Finally the version of Bent whisker dragon was adopted, which also can be distinguished into many versions such as with dot and without dot, high relief and low relief. Although these interesting versions were all popular and of great importance, their price varied a lot since some of them are hard to find while some others are not rare nowadays. Although people know well about the dragon versions, few people realized that Tientsin Mint also designed various dies for the obverse. Both of the Chinese/Mancu legends and the flowers/ leaves on the obverse were designed with different styles, resulted in various versions that exist in different quantities. These obverse and reverse matched and composed of various versions of 1911 Ta Qing silver dollars.

These are the four kinds of flowers and leaves on obverse,

1. Thin petals with raised veins on leaves;

2. Thick petals with raised veins on leaves;

3. Thick petals with incused veins on leaves;

4. Ordinary obverse.

There are two observe versions of Reversed Dragon, thick petals with raised veins on leaves (featured on majority of Reverse Dragon) and thick petals with incused veins on leaves, the versions of thin petals with raised veins on leaves or ordinary version is not seen on Reverse Dragon. Most of Reverse Dragons that featured thick petals with raised vein on leaves are circulated, while those uncirculated ones have light halos and low reeded edge. The extremely rare version of thick petals with incused veins on leaves has mirrorlike surface and reeded edge as deep as patterns.

five are known to exist for the latter, they are:

1. No.36 in Chang collection catalog (This coin was sold in Champion December 2010 sale for US $141,600)

2. No.64 in Shanghai Museum, Shi Jiagan collection catalog

3. American Numismatic Society collection

4. Spink-Taisei Coin Auction, Feb. 19, 1987, Singapore, lot 102 (Good XF, estimated price US$2,500-3,000) , may be it is the Same one sold at Champion Coin Auction, April 1, 2008, Hong Kong, lot 179 (Unc., realized price US$69,000 )

5. This coin sold in Baldwin'- HK Auction 52,Lot 465 sale for US $129,800

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