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Lot #:198 Title:CHINA 1935 Sun Yat Sen 50 Cents Copper Pattern, NGC MS63+BN
Estimate(US $):10000-20000 Realized (US $):50600 add to my favorite
CHINA-REPUBLIC 1935 Sun Yat Sen 50 Cents Copper Pattern, K626x, NGC MS63+BN. Chinese Family Collection; 1935 Sun Yat Sen pattern is from the 1991 Goodman sale, Lot 923, Ex Kann

Steel dies of 1935 Sun Yat Sen junk pattern dollar with reduced size were engraved and produced at the United States, and struck by the Chinese National Government Central Mint (Today’s Shanghai Mint) in 1935, the Shanghai Mint intended to produce a series of Sun Yat Sen junk silver coins for circulation, due to the soaring silver prices, the real value of these coins were higher than the face value. In this case, the National Government decided to produce a smaller series of silver coins by reducing weight and decreasing the size to avoid losses. However, it was early in 25th year (AD 1936) when the new dies were finished. Only several specimens were accounted for . Most Chinese numismatists only know the existence of 1935 Sun Yat Sen junk full size silver coins rather than the 1936 reduce size patterns. In fact, the full size examples are extremely rare and the reduce size varieties are very rare.

A XF-AU sold in Beijing 2011 Autumn sale for RMB 280,000 (US $43,750); An UNC sold in HK Apr-14 sale for US $136,880; A 1935 Sun Yat Sen half Dollar Silver Pattern UNC sold in HK Aug-10 sale for US $74,750

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