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Lot #:374 Title:CHINA-FUKIEN CHANGCHOW Military Ration Dollar
Estimate(US $):20000-40000 Realized (US $):63250 add to my favorite
CHINA-FUKIEN CHANGCHOW ND(1844) Military Ration Dollar Silver, Tseng Signature, L&M290, Kann 5, NGC XF40. This example without chops. The famous numismatist Tseng Che-Lu indicates that there are 2 varieties of Tseng Signature: Top of "Tung" in triangle and rectangular shape. This example is in the triangle variety.

Changchow Ration Silver Coin is important to the numismatist. According to famous collector Ma Dingxiang, this coin was struck during First Opium War (1841). The saying of Tseng (曾) Signature and Zuo (左) Signature is not correct, this can be proved by a discovery piece which has English legend WHB and Year 1841 on it. According to the seal, the Changchow Ration can be divided into two variety K-5 and K-6. K-5 is extremely rare and H. Chang pays great attention on it. He published it on his 1982 booklet "Subsidiary Notes on the Silver Dollars and Taels of China" with an article introducing the different varieties of it, also illustrated all the 11 pieces that are known to exist at that time with pictures and estimate prices. According to the price, we know that the rarity is the most important factor to the hand-made silver cake, the seal is normal and no effect on it. Almost all the K-5s come on the market are among the 11 pieces from 1982 (including the one of Taiwan Collection and the two of Wa She Wong Collection), only 2-3 new pieces have come on the market.

A NGC AU50 sold in HK Auction Dec-10 auction for US $103,500, A NGC VF Details sold for US $57,500

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