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1.Champion has a history of setting record prices for Asian numismatics. In Dec 2007 Champion auction, a 1853 1000 cash realized US$103,000, first Chinese cash coin to reach US$100,000 and more than double the previous record... US$36,800 for a Szechuan Province Dollar more than triples the previous record and ten times the estimate price.

2.our lots will be catalogued by leading Chinese Numismatist Michael Chou and Bruce Smith, with consultants Tseng Che Lu-leading author and collector , Chou Chien Fu-President of Taipei Numismatic Society, Zhou Xiang-Shanghai Numismatic Society,£¬Ron Guth-PCGS President, Karl Stephens-IAPN member, Robert Johnson-NNC President¡£
3.Many collectors are only buying numismatic items that are certified therefore certification has become more and more important in the auction process of Asian coins. Champion Auctions is the first and only authorized NGC dealer in Greater China .Champion also have close relationship with other leading grading service as NGC and PMG and can work with grading services to certified your coins for the auction process.
4.We keep close contact with buyers in many countries throught the coin previews hold in Bejing, Shanhai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and USA. Champion is the first auction company that held with online auction simultaneously in Asia. There isn¡¯t any other auction company could compare with our high exposure rate.

5.Our auction is always held in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has no sales tax. This is very convenient for your bid and consignment.