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Optimized Bowker Coin Collection Exhibition Hall

Guests visit the Bowker Coin Collections Exhibition Hall

The Opening Ceremony for Optimized Bowker Coin Collection Exhibition Hall

The grand opening ceremony for optimized Bowker Coin Collection Exhibition Hall was held at auditorium of Shanghai Mint Museum on December 10, 2015. More than 30 guests were invited to attend. Mr. Gu Jun, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. Carolyn Bowker, Howard Franklin Bowker's granddaughter£¬Michael Chou£¬President of iAsure Group, and Ken Krah, Vice President at NGC and world coins rating expert, delivered speeches respectively at the opening ceremony. After the ceremony, the guests visited the refurbished Bowker Coin Collection Exhibition Hall happily.

Mr Howard Franklin Bowker (1889-1970)¡ªNumismatic Pioneer, is a famous American coin collector who devoted himself much of time to Chinese coins collection research and became one of the most studied scholars for Chinese coins between 1940 and 1960. In 2010, Bowker family donated over 139 pieces of Chinese coin collections of different historical phases to Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. as Mr Bowker requested in his will. Then Shanghai Mint Museum set up the Bowker Coin Collections Exhibition Hall in 2014 to make these coins carefully preserved and displayed openly and to make the exhibition hall become one of three permanent exhibition halls in Shanghai Mint Museum. For now, nearly 2 thousand visitors have come to the Exhibition Hall, most of them from the state organs, enterprises and institutions, universities, etc.. In March 2015, Bowker family donated another 37 pieces of coin collections, effectively filling the void in late Qing Dynasty coins for Shanghai Mint Museum. Gu Jun mentioned that in order to display the new collections better, in 2015, the Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. Spent two months to develop and optimize the Coin Collection Exhibition Hall. 1. adjusted the pavilion and display rack, including placing new vertical showcases to exhibit Qing Dynasty coins boutique and recreating the display rack of coin collections of Qing Dynasty, Republic of China and so on. 2. used the package option of NGC to protect the coin boutique and enhance the unity of the exhibits. 3. Adjusted the lighting layout to make it more accordant with the appreciation needs of visitors. 4. used stereo character with strong visual effect to show the hall name, and reposted background wall cloth.

Gu Jun also said that, Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. Will continue to explore and play full of the function of cultural transmission of Bowker coin collections. Besides, new media technology such as Wechat will be used to let more people have the opportunity to learn knowledge of Chinese coins and make a sense of Mr Bowker¡¯s collection and research findings. He wanted to conduct more cooperation and communication in various forms with Bowker family to make more contribution to prosperity and development of China's money culture .

Carolyn Bowker thanked the Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. For what it has done for these carefully preserved and displayed coins in her speech, and she wanted to continue to carry out good cooperation with the Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. to make contribution to the monetary cultural heritage. Michael Zhou and Ken Krah also delivered speeches at the ceremony and expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the common efforts that Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. and Bowker family have done for coin collections and cultural heritage.

(These pictures provided by the culture department of Shanghai Mint Co. )

Shanghai Mint Party Secretary Gu Jun delivers a speech

CEO of Champion Michael Chou delivers a speech Danny Spungen,

Danny Spungen, Peter Anthony and Michael Chou are talking together

Howard Franklin Bowker's granddaughter, Carolyn Bowker delivers a speech

Vice President at NGC, Ken Krah delivers a speech

(from L.) Shanghai Mint Co., vice general designer Luo Yonghui, Wang Long, the Shanghai Mint Museum former curator Zhang Yuequn, Shanghai Mint Co., former vice general engineer Zhang Jun

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